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Giới thiệu Cáp Chuyển Đổi Hdmi Sang Hdmi


-Plug gold-plated dust cover protection, plug and play, stable signal transmission

-The cable is made of high-purity copper core, precision stranded wire structure

-Wire twisted pair impedance matching process to minimize signal crosstalk and ensure signal-free transmission

-Modular stress relief structure to prevent cable bending damage, easy to move, durable

-Signal twisted pair is made of 100% special shielded copper foil, and the outer layer is shielded with high density braided copper wire.

-Breaking through the limitations of traditional audio and video signal independent transmission, successfully realized the integrated audio and video transmission

-Support 7.1-channel digital audio on the same line


Brand new and high quality.

Adapter HDMI female to male 360 rotating.

Compact size, easy to carry.

Gold plated connectors.

Reposition cable outlet for easy access where space can rotate up to 360 degrees, making it ideal for wall mounted flat panel TVs.

Supports 720n, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions.

Ideal for places that are tighter and need a cable to point directly up or down.

Material: plastic, metal.

Package Included:

1 X HDMI adapter
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