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Giới thiệu (hàng Mới Về) Set 6 Nhãn Dán Kim Loại Ntag213

6pcs/lot NFC Ntag213 Tags Stickers Colorful

Comes with different smart tags so you can place them wherever you choose: at home, in the car, or in the office.

Tags are blank with no data, you can program them to launch your satellite navigator in your car; make phone calls, open a website; turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you get home and also program it to turn on your alarm and put your phone on mute when you go to bed, etc.

Various routine tasks can be stored, which are carried out by holding your device in front of the tag.
Can be re-written up to 100,000 times.

Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3/Note 2/NOKIA Lumia920/820/720/620/BLACKBERRY Z10/Q10/LG Nexus4/Nexus5/HTC one/Sony Xperia, and all NFC enabled mobile phones.

(Please don't stick on the metal for Normal type, but the Anti-Metal type can stick on the metal).

Key Functions:

Chip type: NXP NTAG213
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
Memory size: 144bytes
Read range: 0-50mm / 0-2.0in
Material: PVC + Epoxy
Operating temperature: -40 to +65 degrees Celsius
Read/write times: 100,000 times
Quantity: 6pcs
Tag size: 30x30mm
Total weight: 10g
Liên kết: [BIGSIZE_75ml] Tinh chất dưỡng trắng sáng Dr. Belmeur Vita Serine Tone Smoothing Serum